Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is essential to help keep you and your baby healthy. Throughout your pregnancy you will have several prenatal doctor appointments to check in and ensure your babies health and wellbeing. Prenatal care doctors can identify current or potential health problems, or complications early enough to treat them and keep you and your baby healthy. Therefore, it is important to contact your OB or prenatal care provider once you know you are pregnant.

Doctor Appointments During Pregnancy

Your first doctor’s appointment during pregnancy is just as important as the last, common occurring appointments helps keep your baby healthy and strong. It is never to late to schedule a prenatal doctor appointment during pregnancy. If you are further along in your pregnancy it is equally as important to help maintain the health and wellbeing of your baby. Studies have shown that expecting mothers who do not get proper prenatal care are more likely to experience low birth weight or other common complications.

During each subsequent doctor’s appointment during pregnancy your prenatal care provider will check in on you and the baby. Our Consultants in Women’s Healthcare OBGYNs provide personalized and individual care to each patient. This is what sets CWHC apart from other women’s healthcare providers. During your doctor’s appointment you physician may conduct blood work, ultrasounds and other tests to ensure a healthy pregnancy. All these tests can be conducted safely and conveniently at our St. Louis office.

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