Our Staff

Our office staff is committed to providing a great experience for all patients. They play a vital role in your healthcare and are dedicated to assisting you and your family. We strive to be prompt, efficient, and caring from the moment you walk into our door.

  • The front office staff will assist you with:    
    • Making and confirming appointments
    • Obtaining and completing appropriate paper work and insurance information
    • Relaying messages to your provider
  • The medical assistants will assist you with:
    • Obtaining your vitals
    • Reviewing your medications and medical history
    • Assisting your provider with office procedures
    • Scheduling your induction of labor or surgery
  • The billing department will assist you with:
    • Verifying insurance benefits
    • Assisting with bill inquiries
    • Answering insurance questions and problems
  • The medical records staff will assist you with:
    • Completing medical leave paperwork
    • Obtaining medical records from other offices
    • Transferring of medical records to outside offices

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We’ve been providing women in St. Louis, eastern Missouri and western Illinois with personal, individualized care for 25 years.

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